Post 291 ushers in the new 2018-2019 Command year and my officers and Executive Committee members will all do another great job. Welcome all the SONs and Auxiliary officers this year and wish them a successful year ahead.

Congratulations to Post 291 Honor Guard Commander Brian Fleming Jr, and his competition team who, once again, placed 1st at the American Legion Department of California convention held in Sacramento the last weekend in June. They now go on to compete at National in August to retain their 1st place title as the best Honor Guard in the nation. Way to go guys!

Congratulations to Sandy Schneeberger, our 3rd Vice Commander who is in charge of our Boys State program. Post 291 sent 27 delegates, the most from any single Post in the state. Our district also lead by sending the most (86) delegates for the State. One of our own delegates, Viren Abhyankar from Northwood High School, Irvine, was voted 2018 Boys State Governor during their week in Sacramento June 16-22 and an Alternate to Boys Nation as well as our other delegate, Josh Cheadle from Sage High School selected Senator for Boys Nation.  This is a huge deal, and a real coup for our Post, the second time it’s ever happened in over 50 years.  This has been a great year for our Post to be recognized with these awards and achievements as The American Legion begins its 100th year.

As I start my fourth term as your Commander, my 2018-2019 goals are as follows:

  1. VETERANS FIRST. Our veterans will always be our # 1 priority at Post 291
  2. Create new events for our veterans and continue raising money to donate to their needs
  3. Continue recruiting our younger veterans for they are our Future Legionnaires who will continue our legacy and represent the legion’s future
  4. Put programs together so our younger Veterans can get involved to reach these goals

We are a very large Legion Post, therefore, have policies & procedures in place that are different from others because of our vast membership roll of 7000 members within the Legion family. My goal is to continue to run this Post in a positive direction and  have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all the members.

Reminder to all members, especially new ones:  Summer has arrived on the Peninsula.  Traffic is heavy and parking is at a premium. The Post is very crowded and kids are playing by the water.  PLEASE observe the rules while at the Post. They are posted on the railings, white boards and outside, plus on the website. There is no lifeguard so ALL parents must watch their kids while on the beach, and no bare feet once back on Post grounds. We want everyone to have a safe summer.  Security staff is made up of SONs who are SONs of the Post. Please show respect to the Post, Volunteer Security staff, all veterans and guests.

Members MUST show current membership card before entering the parking lot and you CAN NOT leave your car in the lot and go elsewhere such as the beach, bike riding, etc.

We are continuing to make improvements to the Marina, repairs to the seawall and inside our Post facility. We have begun a Building fund to raise money to remodel/rebuild our Post so that the future generations of veterans for many more years.

July 4th was another huge event at the Post. Thanks to all the volunteers that made it so successful. All our members really helped our donation goal for the 2018-2019 year. With your generosity, this event helps support the American Legion’s Boys State program, VA Hospital visits, plus many veteran, community, and youth programs. Visit al291.com for all the programs that Post 291 fosters. Helping your Post to help others.

Check the website and white boards for more information regarding our Summer events like Dance Party Friday Nights, Jazz Nights, Weekend Bands on the Patio, and our WW2/ Korean War Vet lunch held July 28 honoring all our vets who served in those theaters.

Remember our mission statement of “Veterans First”. If you love your freedom, “Thank a Vet”. Our commitment to all veterans, our members, veterans’ programs or veterans-in need alike, will reflect in all we do as we strive to honor all who served. The Post is not a “Club”, but an American Legion Post for Military Veterans who share common experiences.