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The duties of the Chaplain are to pronounce the invocation and the benediction at Legion meetings, as well as perform such other acts as would fall within the realm of his/her office as the spiritual leader. They should conduct the memorial service when such is needed.

As the Legion is composed of men and women of different creeds and faiths, the Chaplain must be a person of tolerance and sympathy toward all.

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Chaplain’s Corner Post 291
April 2019

Greetings Legionaries,

April brings us days that changed the world and days that frustrate and entertain us. We have April Fool’s Day, U S entry to WWI, Start of WWI, American Legion Auxiliary Birthday (Yeah), Passover, Easter, Earth Day, and Arbor Day. There are some National Days that make you laugh such as National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day on April 2nd. April 3rd has National Chocolate Mousse Day. April 6th has New Beer’ Eve Day. April 14th has National Dolphin Day and the dreaded April 15th, National Tax Day. Basically, every day of the year has several National Days of recognition. It is fun to look up the National Days of recognition.

You have heard the saying, April showers bring May flowers. April can be a month of new birth with flowers and trees beginning to bloom or it can bring rainy, windy and wet days.

I hope this month will bring a rebirth of spiritual renewal into our lives as we think about Easter. All of history changed because of Easter. Out of death came new life (Resurrection life) in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Whatever you believe of disbelieve about this man, he changed the world forever.  

May April shower you with renewal of spirit and mind. May the same resurrection power that raised Jesus from the grave, bring you new hope and confidence that God loves you.

For God and Country, Chaplain Ken Wilson.


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