Chaplain’s Corner

The duties of the Chaplain are to pronounce the invocation and the benediction at Legion meetings, as well as perform such other acts as would fall within the realm of his/her office as the spiritual leader. They should conduct the memorial service when such is needed.

As the Legion is composed of men and women of different creeds and faiths, the Chaplain must be a person of tolerance and sympathy toward all.

Please contact,
Chaplain Post 291, Ken Wilson (949) 230-2826

Free, confidential support for Veterans in crisis and their families and friends.

Chaplain’s Corner Post 291
September 2020

Greetings Legionnaires,

I hope you are all staying safe and well as we continue to deal with Covid-19.

This continues to be a time of challenges and reconsidering our priorities and focus. What is really important to me? Work? Family? Food? Freedom? Faith?

We all have had to make sacrifices! We may have canceled trips abroad? Vacations to see family? Lost our job? We may be struggling to pay rent or buy food? Perhaps your business has shut down? You may have lost a loved one you were not allowed to see due to Covid-19?

Whatever you are facing, you are not alone! You are not alone because millions of others are dealing with similar issues of survival. You are not alone if you have an understanding of the “bigger picture” of life as spiritual. You are not alone if you have someone to call.

At Post 291, we care about your spiritual, emotional, physical and
psychological support. Please don’t ignore the help that
is a phone call away. There are many caring veterans
at our Post to help you get through a tough time.
The Post # is (949) 673-5070.

For God and Country,

Chaplain Ken Wilson


Ken Wilson, Chaplain
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