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Troop Shipping

The American Legion Auxiliary sends shipments to our troops over seas in Afghanistan and Iraq.  All items can be dropped off in our beautiful new wooden box located next to the Honor MIA table. A cash donation box is located to the right of it (see photo below).


It cost quite a bit to ship items, so any donations would be greatly appreciated. 

Each box costs approximately $16 to send.

Please make checks payable to the American Legion Auxiliary and reference “Iraq/Afghanistan Troop packages” Thank you.

Personal Use Items

Unscented baby wipes, bug repellent, lip balm, floss, mouthwash, toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, nail files, sunscreen, razors, deodorant, bootlaces, eye drops, hand sanitizer, soap, and black/green (dark) heavy duty socks.
Please no aerosol cans, sample shampoos, conditioner, etc.

Food Items

Instant coffee packs, powered Gatorade/Kool Aid/Crystal Light, hot cocoa, dry creamer, granola bars, beef jerky, sausage sticks (no pork or pork by-products) trail mix, nuts, sunflower seeds, licorice, pop-tarts, gum, hot sauce/salsa, canned tuna, & instant soup.
Please no chocolate due to melting.

Entertainment/Miscellaneous Items

Flashlights, (no batteries) pens/pencils, stamps, playing cards, greeting cards, travel size board games, cross word puzzles, and word search puzzles.
Please no books or magazines due to shipping box space.

Letters to the Troops

If you would like to send an uplifting and positive letter to the troops, please keep in mind you may not get a response as they are in a combat zone. Some suggestions on writing letters to the troops – please avoid politics, or asking their opinion on the war, etc. Send thanks for their service to our country.

Prohibited Items

Pork and pork by-products, Bulk religious material contrary to Islam Obscene materials, nude/semi-nude magazines (ie: Playboy), Drugs/Alcohol Weapons/Ammo/Firearms/Lighters, Cigars, Perishables items/Foods that will melt. Any personal information such as SSN, Legal Documents, etc.

For any questions please contact,

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 291, Newport Harbor
(949) 673-5070 Ext. 100

Click here to learn more about Troops Support links

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