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Troop Shipping

The American Legion Auxiliary sends shipments to our troops over seas in Afghanistan and Iraq.  All items can be dropped off in our beautiful new wooden box located next to the Honor MIA table. A cash donation box is located to the right of it (see photo below).


It cost quite a bit to ship items, so any donations would be greatly appreciated. 

Each box costs approximately $16 to send.

Please make checks payable to the American Legion Auxiliary and reference “Iraq/Afghanistan Troop packages” Thank you.

Personal Use Items

Baby Wipes (no scent),Towels and Wash Cloths, Pillows (Travel size w/ case), Light Throws, Bug Repellent, Air Freshener (aerosol), Deodorant, Camp Showers, Boot Spray, Boot Insoles, Mouth Wash, Floss, Shampoo, GreenSocks/Tshirts, Soap, Buckets, Starch, Nail Clippers, Cold Medicine, Hand Mirrors, Lotion, Boot Laces, Chapstick ,Toothpaste, Sunscreen, Sunglasses,  Razors/shaving cream

Entertainment/Miscellaneous Items

DVD’s-CD’s, Batteries (all sizes), Flashlights, Map pens, Pens/pencils, Sure Fire Batteries, Postage Stamps, playing cards, Frisbees, greeting cards, magazines/reading material (no hard cover books), word search, board games, cross word puzzles

Food Items

Coffee packs (instant), Coffee, Creamer, Power bars, beef jerky, sausage sticks, trail mix, sunflower seeds, cookies, crackers, licorice, small popcorn packets, pop top canned fruit, nuts, candy (not meltables), just add water soup, hot sauce/salsa, snack foods, Can tuna/crab/salmon/shrimp/oysters,Powdered Gatorade/Kool Aid/ Crystal light

Prohibited Items

Pork and pork by-products, Bulk religious material contrary to Islam Obscene materials, nude/semi-nude magazines (ie: Playboy), Drugs/Alcohol Weapons/Ammo/Firearms/Lighters, Cigars, Perishables items/Foods that will melt. Any personal information such as SSN, Legal Documents, etc.

For any questions please contact,

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 291, Newport Harbor
(949) 673-5070 Ext. 100

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