Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is looking for new members to join the team.

Post 291 Honor Guard was originally organized to assist our active duty military in rendering Military Honors at funerals and memorial servies for our fallen veterans. Our team has since grown to fulfill two main purposes.

To provide military funeral ceremonies for veterans who have
served honorably in the United States Military.

To provide support services for community events with numerous
variations of Color Guard teams.

Our team represents a very diverse background of military service.
It is composed of all five branches of the military, and ranges in era of service from the
Korean war to recent conflicts in the Middle East.

Although our active military service is behind us and now our mission may be different … our focus on patriotism remains the same.We serve to honor our brothers and sisters in their final hour, and to hold our National Colors high in front of public events.

These services are provided with no compensation to the members of the team, but purely as a patriotic duty to honor our country, active duty service members,
and our veterans (past and present).

If you are interested in learning more about the Honor Guard or if you
are interested in joining the team, please visit our website
or contact the main office at

(949) 673-5070 Ext. 100