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Memorial Day Campaign

Memorial Day Campaign

May 12th, 2022

Dear Post 291,
The  Memorial Day Campaign  still has 3 weeks left! Recently  AL291  has received bad news regarding the passing of some members within our  Legion . It was recommended that we continue to enhance a tribute towards members who have passed. Donate to the  VEAF  and honor a  veteran  who rightfully deserved this honor. Please look at our page to see other  veterans  who have been honored. Once you donate, please contact the  Service Officer ,  Cory Vigil  at this email to start this process
We need your help!
The VEAF  continues to be instrumental in serving our  veterans ,  families and service members  in  Orange County  or with a direct referral from the  Veterans Affairs.
Some of the needs requested are immediate shelter, childcare, dental emergencies, auto repair, transportation assistance, burial, auto past due, bus passes, housing repairs, and anything related to emergency situations. The  VEAF  is a  restricted fund . This fund can only be accessed by the  Service Officer  and used for veterans only.
Recently we helped a family who contacted us from Alabama as their son who served in the  Air Force  passed away in  Orange County . The family needed assistance with the burial process and wanted his remains send back to Alabama. The  American Legion  utilized the  VEAF  to help this family fulfill their emotional request. The family apparently notified their  congressional representative  and the  Congressman  sent us a letter of recognition. This comes from the heart of our  American Legion, you!  And now you see that every dollar helps.
Every dollar donated to the  VEAF  will be used exclusively for our local veterans and will not be used for any other purpose. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your donation matched.  Our goal of $50,000  is ambitious but with your help we will make it.
Thank you for your support of the  VEAF Memorial Day campaign .
We are grateful for your support.

Cory Vigil
Veteran Service Officer, Newport Harbor Post 291
Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran