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Parking Policy for Post 291

Parking Policy

  • Parking privileges in the Post 291 lot are extended to Post 291 MEMBERS ONLY while said member is patronizing the Post facilities.
  • Parking is not allowed for non-members or for non-Post activities without approval from the Post Business Office, Commander, Sergeant-At-Arms, or the highest ranking officer on the premises.
  • For other than Marina slip renters, overnight parking is prohibited without a special parking permit.  Permits may be obtained from the Post Business Office during regular business hours.
  • All vehicles must fit in the spaces provided, and must fit within the width.  Trailer and large RV parking is prohibited without a permit issued by the Post Business Office and signed by the Sergeant-at-Arms.
  • Members shall be allowed one parking space only.  Use of more than one space by a vehicle shall be subject to tow at the owner’s expense (per V.C.22658A).  Motorcycles are considered a vehicle, and shall be parked, when safe to do so, in marked and available triangular parking spaces.
  • Dogs in the parking lot shall be on a leash and attended by an adult.  The owner is responsible for cleaning up after the dog.  Failure to do this may result in disciplinary action by the Post, Law Enforcement, Animal Control, etc.
  • Parking access cards are for the exclusive use of members assigned to that card only.  Sharing or transfer of an access card with a member, non-member, or spouse may result in disciplinary action, including loss of facility privileges and denial of access to entire Post premises to include parking lot and boat dock.  Violation of sharing or transferring parking access cards may result in the confiscation of that member’s access card by Security, Sergeant-At-Arms, or a Post Officer, only to be returned after an Incident Report, subsequent investigation, and punishment are concluded.
  • A valid Post 291 Membership card must also be presented with a parking card key for access to the parking lot.  A parking card key alone is not valid for entry.
  • Parking in fire lanes or unassigned/designated spaces is prohibited at all times.  Parking in these areas can result in citation and towing at owner’s expense without notice.
  • Vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense for violation of Post parking rules.
  • Post management, security, and the Sergeant-At-Arms reserve the right to refuse parking privileges to anyone who does not abide by the Post parking rules.
  • Bicycles are ONLY allowed to be secured/parked in the designated bike racks, and prohibited from being locked to anything other than the assigned bike racks.
  • Boat owners are allowed to park in the lot whenever space is available.  However, they are not guaranteed spaces.